11-in-1 Electric Multi-function cooker: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer

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Not 2-in-1, not 3-in-1, but 11-in-1! How about that?

* 11 Appliances in One
* 23 Common Preset Programs.
* Large LCD Display
* Multi-function Menu Panel
* Safety Protection Mechanism
* Delay Cooking Time 24 Hours
* Keep Warm 24 Hours
* Essential Cooking Accessories

The original moisture of the food will not volatilize, and the delicious taste will be retained in the dishes. Steam eggs, corn, potatoes, etc. Maintain the freshness of the food without worry the loss of the water in the pot.

Yogurt Maker
The yogurt function last up to 10 hours, equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of yogurt. Enjoy the taste of homemade fruit yogurt, you’ll never want to buy yogurt again.

Slow Cooker
Cook delicious stews, healthy soups, tender meats, casseroles and more with slow cook feature-Up to 6 hours. It is perfect for entertaining, family gatherings, parties. The food is always fresh and warm

The LED display is at a glance
23 ONE -TOUCH SMART COOKING PROGRAMS: Convenient Cooking & saves time, including Rice, Multi-Grain, Porridge, Steam, Egg, Yogurt, Pressure Cook, Soup/Broth, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Bake, Slow Cook, Saute, Sous Vide, Keep Warm, Cake, Dessert, Pasta, Pizza, Canning, Pie and more. With a touch of a button you can safely & quickly cook your favorite meals, up to 70% faster than conventional cookware.

Tasty Food
Dual pressure settings for fast and flexible cooking,maximize the retention of nutrients in food, including protein and vitamins. The modes and pressure levels are adjustable according to your needs. Fully sealed keep the flavors and aromas in the pot.

Cooking Faster
Cooking speed increased by 70%. The 1000W bidirectional strong convection heating is fast and even. 23 microprocessor-controlled programs eliminate guessing games during cooking.

Safer to Use
Includes 10 custom-engineered safety mechanisms. The unique airflow cycle safety system produces less noise and less spatter. Accessories are made of food-grade materials,including Stainless Steel 304 inner pot,rice spoon, etc.

Deluxe Cooker Accessory Kits
These accessories are often used in cooking and have passed multiple safety tests. A soup spoon, a rice spoon, a measuring cup, a steaming rack (Steamed eggs, fish, bread, potatoes, etc), a pair of cooking mitts, an extra silicone sealing ring, a user manual, a recipe book with more than 30 delicious cooking methods.

Extra Special Cook
This multi-function pot comes with more special cooking than ordinary electric pressure cookers, cake, dessert, pasta, pizza, canning, pie. You can try to learn and cook by yourself at home.

Large LCD Display
TEKAMON electric pressure cooker provides a large LCD display with intuitive icons, cooking time, progress indicator. Adjustable cooking time and pressure levels to meet your individual taste needs, with greater flexibility.

24 Hours Delay Start & Keep Warm
Up to 24-hour delayed cooking,the keep-warm function starts automatically for 24 hours after cooking. You can eat warm food immediately when you get up and after work. Perfect for meal and work planning.

Recipe List & User Manual
Includes recipe book and user manual. The cooking book comes with 30 tasty recipes, with easy-to-follow steps to create wholesome meals in minutes. Please read them carefully before cooking.

Consumption reminder:
Please use in strict accordance with the instruction manual requirements, open the lid before the completion of pressure relief, drain the pressure in the pot, to avoid accidents.