Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine - Easy to Travel

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* Portable and foldable - easy to travel
* High temperature soaking
* Each wash only 1/15 of normal washing machine water consumption
* Washing capacity up to 3KG
* Drainage Method: Upper / Lower Outlet
* 2 x Washing program (5 minutes or 10 minutes)
* 1 x Dehydration (Dewatering) program
* Powerful sucker, stable adsorption during operation, tilt side pull easy to lift
* Waterproof touch button

Expand: 292mm (L) x 288mm (H), Dehydration Basket: 167mm (L) x 130mm (H)
Folding: 292mm (L) x 93mm (H), Dehydration Basket: 167mm (L) x 86mm (H)

* Plug type:
* Loading Type: Top loading
* Automatic Type: Semi-automatic
* Rated Voltage: 220~/50Hz, Power (W): <100W
* Safe water discharge, hidden hose (bottom of the fuselage contain water outlet hose), one-click drainage
* Material: Plastic
* Package weight: 2.5KG

* Best wash with 40°C to 60°C water temperature to achieve disenfection effect
* The dehydration (dewatering) program cannot completely remove/dry the water from the clothes