Baseus Led Display Light (Adjustable Reading Screen Light for Computer)

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Computers are indispensable for work, study, entertainment, and games, but too bright/too dim light will directly pose a burden on your eyes. 
i-WOK display light focuses on providing lighting solutions for computer desktops with display space light source technology.

1. Light memory function, Anti-blue light, Stepless dimming
2. Three light modes, USB power supply (type-C power plug)
3. Occupy little space, fix in seconds

Brand Name: BASEUS
Material: Aluminum alloy+PC
Adjustable color: white light, warm white light, mixed light
Features: 3 lighting modes, Angle adjustment, No blue light hazard
Color temperature: 2800K-4000K-5500K
Type: Led Computer Light Eye Lamp,Computer Reading Light
Applicable screen thickness: about 8mm-20mm
Size: about 450*92*66mm
Rated power: 5W(MAX)
Product weight: about 480g